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If you’re taking pill form supplements… STOP! You could be flushing up to 91.7% of what you paid for down the drain… literally.
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Are you sick of supplements that aren't producing the results you want? Tired of pills that do nothing more than tax your liver and color your pee?

Did you know that a recent study (1) found that the body absorbs only 10-20% of nutrients in pills? The reason, they found, is due to the ‘binding agents’ and fillers that hold pills together.

In another study, the National Advisory Board found that 100 mg consumed in tablet form translated into a concentration of only 8.3 mg in the blood. (2)


That means you’re peeing out most of the supplements you buy down the toilet!


On the other hand, what if you could absorb 85-90% of the hard earned cash you spend on supplements WITHOUT feeling sluggish or bloated? (3)

Now you can!
Introducing… "MultiMuscle®.
The All-Liquid Supplement
Stop wasting money on hard pills that flush out up to 91.7% of your money down the toilet.
"MultiMuscle®” is a 'once a day' liquid supplement, that absorbs 85-90% of the nutrients into your cells, thanks to the power of Fulvic Mineral Complex. (4)
No more chugging 10-20 hard case pills per day!

No bloating or feeling sluggish!

 Absorbs in seconds… not hours!
With the most potent ingredient profile of any liquid sports supplement that… 
Absorbs in 30 Seconds Or Less!
What really sets “MultiMuscle®” apart from other multi-supplements (besides our liquid medium) is the addition of Fulvic Mineral Complex.

Fulvic Acid has been shown to increase your body’s ability to absorb more nutrients and rid cells of toxins. Enzyme activity increases and cell membranes become more permeable and therefore more receptive to nutrients. (5)

Bottom line, because “MultiMuscle®” is infused with Fulvic Acid, your cells soak up every possible nutrient that they can, which leads to the gains and performance that you want… faster.
Better Endurance, Mass Gains and Reduced Recovery Time Are Just the Beginning with “MultiMuscle®”
You’ll also enjoy the benefits of… 
More energy and better focus… Inosine, Panax and Siberian Ginseng will give you more motivation to get to the gym on your ‘off days’ and finish up your workouts faster.

Healthier body on the inside… Betaine Anhydrous helps remove chemicals and waste from urine (including homocysteine) and Milk Thistle helps to detox your liver. Which could mean less chance of health problem “surprises” down the road.

More performance from your other supplements… Your other supplements will benefit from the absorbing power of Fulvic Acid. Yes, that means you’ll get more bang for your buck drinking Creatine!
So What’s the Cost?
Let’s do a quick comparison:

If you used a competing pill-based supplement, and absorbed 20% compared to our 80% absorption rate, you’d end up buying 4 BOTTLES to get the same nutritional absorption as our liquid-based supplement.

Put another way: 

If your supplement was $20 you’d have to pay $80 to get the same nutritional benefit as “MultiMuscle®.” Not to mention the truckload of pills you’d have to swallow! 

Luckily, “MultiMuscle®” is nowhere near $80! 

Not even half!
Right now, you can grab a one month supply of “MultiMuscle®” for only $39.95!
But don’t take our word for it! Try out our…
“Money Where Our Mouth Is”  90-Day Money Back Guarantee 
Here at RippedLabs, we’re so confident that you’ll love the performance gains from “MultiMuscle®” that we’ve backed it up with our 90-day no-questions-asked guarantee.

Try out “MultiMuscle®” for a full 90-Days and if you’re not able to push further, lift harder or build more muscle mass, then simply email us, send back the empty bottle and we’ll issue you a full-refund on your purchase.

No questions asked.

We think that’s fair.

Don’t you?
Grab Yours Today and Never Swallow Another Pill Again! 
Are you ready to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of your supplements?
Then click here now and enter your credit card details to give “MultiMuscle®” a ‘no-obligation’ ‘risk-free’ try.
What are you waiting for?
You already know the poor performance you get from gulping down tablets, now try the absorbing power of “MultiMuscle®” right now.

Don’t Delay! Grab Your Bottle Before The Shipment Runs Out! 
Due to popular demand of “MultiMuscle®”, stocks are severely limited.

Click here to order your bottle now and avoid the disappointment of waiting until our next batch arrives. Which is usually weeks later.

To Your Health,
Pete Genot and Brandon Douglas
Cofounders of RippedLabs and MultiMuscle®
P.S. Your cells only absorb 10-20% of the nutrients from pill-based supplements. Get your money’s worth with “MultiMuscle®”, our liquid based supplement. It allows your cells to soak up 85-90% of the nutrients, especially thanks to absorbing-power of Fulvic Mineral Complex. But hurry stock is limited. Avoid waiting weeks or months for your bottle. Click here to order now.
P.P.S. Also, we forgot to mention: Ask us about our generous multi-bottle discount today!
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